Friday, August 26, 2016

Where does the time go?

So it has been four years since my last update to Devin's blog. Since then we have had what 4 birthday's, Halloween's, Thanksgiving's, Christmas'. She has had her second oldest brother (Donovan) graduate High School get a scholarship to play football, change his mind and go into the Military (Navy). The next oldest Dillon is now a senor in High School and all star athlete, Derrick the youngest brother now in seventh grade and after five years is back playing football. Devin is now in the 3rd grade. She has had a few more procedures since my last post. We have discovered that hearing aids will be in order as it seem's to be debilitating. She has had several more trips to be the beach the last four years. She is also an aunt now. Oldest brother Donnie and his wife Colleen have our granddaughter Daylen. Devin learning is at an accelerated pace. She is the highest ranked 3rd grader in reading and comprehension. She has made straight A's in the second grade lowest A being a 96. She recently was nominated to be the North Mesquite Pacesetter Mascot.(2017). Mom and Dad will be celebrating our 26th year together. Instead of trying to break down every event and time frame. I will post pic's from all time frames and try and keep them in order. Thank you God for keeping your hands on our family and our friends. We pray that we continue to be good servants and receive your blessings..