Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I didnt post anything from Thanksgiving it was pretty uneventful..But Christmas was a lot of fun. Devin got to enjoy her first bonfire and open her first gifts. Now as far as her treatment well she is on week 10 of a cast she was only suppose to wear for 4 weeks and MAN does it STINK!!!! We weresuppose to get it off the 6th but unfortuneatly she was congested and they wont put you under at her age with any kind of breathing issues. WE have an appointment for th 23rd and pray she stays well until then. They will remove her cast and take out her pins in her knee's, reposition her knees and cast her one last time for 6 weeks. Please as we all know prayer is power, please keep her in your prayers for no illness until after the 23rd. Lol, Not that i want her to be sick but it would be great if she could hold off until we get that cast changed. At any rate here are some pic's from christmas.

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