Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We took Devin to have a M.R.I. performed to check her spine for any abnormalities, and of course any sign of scoliosis. We hope to have the results in the next few days. Of course they had to put her to sleep, which is always a lot of fun. They have to give her that goofy juice (as they call it) and she is a barrell monkey's for just a few minutes before it just knocks her out. Here are some pic's of us waiting for the medicine to take affect and after wards. I am also including some pic's for general purpose so everyone can see how big she is getting. We also have progress in her leg's. Her therapist estimates a 70% range of motion in her right leg, but unfortunatly only a 5% in her left. She pushes up into the crawling position on all four's except that her left leg wont bend, it just goes straight behind her. She also goes tommorrow to TSRH to get her afo's (leg braces) and shoes and standing frame, so that she can begin to learn to stand on her own two feet..(YEAH). Will post pic's as soon as we get them with her brace's on.

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