Friday, November 14, 2008

Devin has a new friend

First I don't think i have ever exactly explained Devin's syndrome so here is a very short definition. Larsen syndrome (LS), also called Autosomal Dominant Larsen syndrome,[1] is a rare autosomal dominant[2] congenital disorder that occurs in about every 1 in 100,000 people. Its symptoms include hypermobility, congenital dislocations, brachycephaly and cleft palate.
The condition was first described in a 1950 journal report by L. J. Larsen. As you can see it's just not very common, but we met a couple who also have a daughter afflicted with the same syndrome right here in North Texas. They are from Rowlett and they have a beautiful little girl named Addison. Addison also gets treatment from Scottish Rite Hospital. She recently had her second surgery and is on the back side of her casting. Her are a some picture's of Devin and her new friend.

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Bridget said...

HI there, I correspond with Addisons mom Julie. My name is Bridget Barle. I also have a daughter with LS. I encourage you to join the Multipy Larsens support group. It has been great for me and is a great learning tool. How is Devin doing?