Friday, November 14, 2008

Time to go home

Well we got to go home just one day after her procedure. Now i forgot to explain her procedure so we will do that now. Dr.Sucato had to make an incision on her hip and basically shave her femur bone about 1/2 inch. This was necessary to get her hip to go into the socket. He then had to make an incision on the curvature of her knee so the he could manipulate her tibia bone back into the proper position under her femur. Devin had about a 5% range of motion before the procedure. Dr. Sucato says she have about 90% after surgery and with physical therapy we could raise that to 95-98%. You may look at the picture's and wonder what is that strap she is's what he had to use to take Devin home. Her Spica cast so was awkward that she couldn't fit into any car seat or carry-all. This device was designed so that you could lay the child in the seat flat on their back and run the seat belt through the harness.

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Aunt Kiley said...

OMG, she looks just like you!~