Tuesday, November 25, 2008

While She Was Out

Sitting in the Waiting room for 2 hrs and the phone rings, it's Dr.Sucato he begins to let me know that the left knee procedure went really well but that he is concerned that being under for two hours already and the anticipation of blood loss may be too much for Devin. I just stand there and listen to him for a min, and he begins to reverse his thinking. He is talking and say's what do you think? Ummm your the doctor and you know best!lol. He then decides you know she really hasn't lost that much blood and she did really well the last time, o.k. we are going to do the left hip and we will call you back and update you as to wether we are going to do the right knee. About an hour and half passes and the phone rings again. It's Dr Sucato, well she is doing really well, so we are going to go ahead and finish by correcting her right knee and while we are in there we are going to go ahead and put a pin in the right knee to keep it from doing what the left knee did. Well another two hours later the phone ring's again it's Dr.Sucato again o.k. we are closing her up, Devin lost a little more blood than we wanted so we gave her one unit of blood, but everything looks really good. We go to the recovery to get Devin and take her to her room.

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